Live action short parody

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Hey I found this n youtube but I dunno if its been posted yet.

Beware lots of cursing and sound is horrible.

just thought u guys might wanted to see this.

I DID NOT make this movie. so no saying that i suck ok?
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Fragclone said:
i bet i could do better XD as a matter of fact >> i think i'll do that right now...
I can't tell who's talking cuz it's one person the whole time and he sounds the same... :\

and he repeats the same thing...

WDF MAN WHAT THE ****... He repeats it like 12 times... -.-...
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I guess should have added, beware of total retardness.

andd yeah im aware of the constant cursing and I warned you about it.
its more of a voice over than a video.
If u said the video is compltely retarted u mean that the film itself is retarted too.
me right or wrong?
I mean by the fact that the VOICE OVER is RETARDED. The video, of course, with the proper audio is cool.
The immaturity level of this sort of stuff never ceases to amaze me.

Sure.. the juggernaut thing has a couple of funny parts to it... a couple out of like a half hour horrendous piece of trash.

Since, everybody with a mic it seems, finds it necessary to voice over everything with completely incomprehensible swearing and slurs.

lord i hate the internet sometimes.
Mibz 117 said:
The second I heard the "new" sound I turned it off. Why the f--k would you even post this piece of crap?

and is it too much efford to ask not to become angry with me becus I posted it on here.

It SUCKS I KNOW, but some people enjoy this ****, although I hated the majority I thaught the I need to find my handbag and A+B=7 was kinda funny.
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