Locus helmet question


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I'm trying to make my first halo helmet the Locus one, and I got a few questions. We got the pepakura file for it but when we tried printing it the lines were barley visible. Another problem is that we don't know how to scale it properly for my head. And finally I was wondering if you could make the Locus helmet out of EVA foam. Any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated.


For the lines, you could try to print it as a Vector graphic. You can select that in the printing dialog. I don't have a lot of experience eith scaling, but I would recommend that you first measure the width of your head and then measure the width of the helmet with the measure tool in pepakura. The helmet should be wider than your head to allow for padding and some tolerances. Mine is sized up a lot, but i think 3cm on each side should be enough. Before you build it, you should check heigth and depth of the helmet as well, just to be sure. You should also be able to make the helmet out of foam, although I haven't tried that. You have to remember though that foam has a substantial thickness while paper doesn't, so you have to adjust the tempelate to allow for foam. You also should try building something smaller out of the foam before to get the hang of it, if you don't have a lot of experience with foam. Also, if the you have is very detailed, you should maybe look for one with less details of you use it with foam, because you propably won't be able to create too much detail with foam. The finer details you have to carve into the foam, I think.


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As Coreforge said, you can go into the printing settings in Pepakura Designer and turn on Vector printing. That helps make it print the lines clearly. As for scaling there are a lot of ways to go about it. Standard head height is around 10-11 inches and width is between 7-8 inches, but this does not include what you'll need for padding on the inside as well as fiberglass, rondo, etc. I'll also refer you to Halo Goddess' in depth scaling guide: HaloGoddess' "How To Scale" and More Tutorial
Lastly, making the helmet out of foam might be trickier, especially if you're new to working with EVA foam. Halo 4/5 helmets have a lot more detail on them which is harder to get right using foam if you're not familiar with it. Also, it requires the pepakura file to be re-worked to be used with foam.


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You can absolutly make it out of foam. Dont let anyone tell you you wont be able to get the detail needed. It just depends on what you think is acceptable. If you get really picky and look at reference sources, you will be able to add every inch of detail just fine. Scaling can be tricky. You can measure your head from chin to crown, ear to ear, and nose to back of the head, and use the measure distance in a line tool in pepakura to check the measurements. Scale it to what is needed if too big or too small. Dont forget to add an inch to the measurements or the helmet will be the size of your head and you wont be able to wear it. This does have room for error though as you are somewhat guessing. If you are going to build multiple suits in the future, I reccomend armorsmith designer. It is a $30 program that allows you to make a mannequin of yourself and import pepakura files to scale and see on your body. It is also easy to learn