Lol OK, who are the ODST's doing this???


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this was on
Obviously, those are ODSTs, not Spartans as the video suggested, but I thought it was funny, the ODSTs in the garage. The gun pointing at the driver and such...maybe not so much.

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Lol, this looks fun to do with friends, just run through a random place like a park, and ignore everyone, and everyones gonna be kinda "? am i still high?"


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Oh my gosh! Thats epic! that is something i am going to do for sure when im finished with mine, i was thinking of making a pred suit and do something like that as well, my jaw is still on the ground, i love this! XD XD XD


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I lol'd, but be careful if you do this. Brandishing any sort of weapon in public could get you shot or arrested.

And fined, don't forget fined! ;-)

I have to admit, I've watched this around fifteen times now, and the ODST costume has moved up quite a bit on my endless "have to build" list...


wow. they were prty well timed when leaving. perfect ambush. some good signals. would have fooled me. though where it said OUT on the sign i thought it said ODST first time i watched it.
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