Look At What I Found On Facebook!


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I cut out the facebook header at the top so you'd believe me, but I didn't want you to see the rest of my personal stuff.

If I remember correctly this armor belongs to someone here doesn't it? Anyway this links to a ConsumerIncentives Web site where you can get in on the beta of Halo wars supposedly.

If it does belong to someone here, did they ask you if they could use that pic?

Either way nice publicity of completed real (and good looking) MJLINOR armor.

I'm sorry, I just suffered an ID10T Error. After close inspection and some comparing with images on the web this just a shot of an action figure or some other computer wizardry. I just got over excited because I thought I had seen someone do this picture with red armor before. The mind can play silly tricks like that sometimes.
I guess we all fall victim to ID10T errors sometime...


It's a 3D model. Look closely at textures. Exactly like the Halo 2-Halo 3 bump mapping stuff. Well, you can't look closely at the textures, but trust me, I used to have it as my desktop wallpaper.