LOOK!!! My Glaze and Pep Helmet

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Ok, well heres my story. I started this helm two weeks before Halloween, expecting to finish it. It is a H3 pep helm, covered in Bondo, then glaze. IT has not been detailed yet, and I have not gotten the proper dremel tips to do so. The paint was temporary for Halloween, so it still need some more glaze in some areas, and alot of sanding. The paint is 3 layers: Olive green Krylon base coat, Rustoleum Hammered Finish Green, and then a Rustoleum textured paint. It did'nt dry in time for Halloween anyway...so now the paint needs to get sanded off so I can continue. I'm ordering two visors to do the double visor. And I have wired but not installed two fans and 4 LED's that look like BlueRealm's LED's. Without further ado...my WIP...

Pics in order are Resined Pepakura helm, fiberglass glued in, Bondoed, more Bondo, glazing, and the last 3 are how it is currently. Note fingerprints in paint in last 3. LOL :p

Oh and please excuse photo quality...my cell phone took them. The FINAL pics will be done with mt good camera.

If there are any suggestions please post. Mind you however this is WIP. PEP BY SLYFO. GLAZE TECHNIQUE BY SPASE! THANKS FOR THE HELP!!!
looks good reminds me of my helm before i put in the visor except urs has some holes for the lights mine didnt
Thanks! Oh and just something I noticed with the glaze. Temperature effects the viscosity. It was about 44 out when I was using it and it was getting thick before the hardener should have, meaning the cold makes it herder for to to be more liquid.
That looks pretty good. Is the paint high gloss or some sort of pearlescent? I can't wait to see it molded out farther. It is the H3 helm, so it will have the ridges on the head right?

The paint is actually very matte. The white you see is part of the texture paint and makes it rough. And by ridges do you mean the "steps" going to the visor? They're their but they're hard to see b/c of the pic quality. Pics from here on in will be off a much better quality.
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