Look what my wife got me (figures)


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Just gonna post a couple pics of it cause Ive never seen or heard of it before she showed it to me. Maybe you guys all have seen them, and Im a recluse lol




Anyway, it was surprise for me and I thought it was pretty cool.


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Yeah, spawn.com had pictures up of this a month ago, but that JUST came out like last week. I was super tempted to get it, but too broke from buying cans of chemicals for helmets. You're super lucky dude.


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Thats righteous! yeah i saw it at target the other day lol. but like katsu i spent the money on armor stuff lol


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Yeah, I saw that set along with the other sets that came out. They are selling them cheaper at walmart than they are at toys r us. I just gotta try and get to walmart again so I can buy all the new sets. XD


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I picked this up today at Target.