Looking for female prints

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Okay so I have no idea where to start I have pepakura downloaded but every time I download file from here it can't find it cz it doesn't seem to support it. I'm newbie so I need help learning what to do . And it doesn't help there not much for females thanks


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What Version of Pepakura Designer are you using ? If you use Pepakura Designer 4 i might be able to help you because you can`t open most of the existing Pep Files in the program itself (i don`t know if anyone else besides me has that problem)
but if you go to your Data Folder where all your files should be stored, try right clicking the file you want to open and then, when the option "Open with Pepakura Designer 4.0.4" appears, click on it and then the file should open within the program.
I hope this hepls you


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What are the extensions of the file you have? As far as I know Designer can only open .PDO files.
As for female oriented templates, I believe there is a base template for Reach and all other parts have to scaled to a smaller size.
I am not too sure what female versions are available for Halo 4/5. The pep files for Spartan Linda, Kelly and Vale should be there though.
Then for Halo 1 - 3, there was no distinction between gender. The armour was the same for both.
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