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Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Animix Cosplayer, Jul 23, 2009.

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    okay so I posted a topic a while ago and well I messed up and forgot to put in a Work In Progress photo and was informed about and will not and do not plan to do that again...so in short I guess I'm asking for a clean slate and some opinions on what I should do for the under clothing under the armor that I'm starting to work on. (Sarge from Red vs. Blue)
  2. Spartianintraining

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    see wat im planing on doing is going ahead and buying a long sleve heat gear under armour and heat gear pants for my undersuit
  3. Yuki Kedamono

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    well i had thought somethin in design an style as a diving suit. if you can find a full body suit (not hard to do) then it should work out there. but there are those that are making undersuits that specifically look like the spartans, down to the tiniest detail. it's sick awesome, but of course those aren't readily available. I'd look into under armor as well as dance shops and what not, they sell body leotards and things of that nature.

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