Looking for information to get started on my first build


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Well, I know you want to jump right in to fabrication....but the first thing I would suggest is to read.....Read, read and read some more. Then watch some YouTube videos.....there are a ton of them out there....then read some more. You can never read enough. Head over to the ARMORY and find what you are looking for. Now, the next thing you need to decide is what material you are going to use to build with. Be it foam, pep or hell, even cardboard......this will determine the next step and HOW you are going to go about building it. Some files have both foam and pep in them. Pep (BTW) is short for pepakura, which is one of the programs we use to manage the size and printing of the file. You can find that HERE. Mess around w/ the program for a little bit w/ one of the files......learn how to move, cut, resize and generally make a mess of the file. Then its on to actually the doing part of the build. Not going into details but after all of this, head over to Duke's Index Tutorial page and give that a gander. You should fine just about everything you need there. Good luck and happy building. If you need any more help, just give a shout.......there are a ton of people here to help you out.


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I just recently built my suit (finished it thursday) and I was planning on compiling a list of everything I needed to build it, considering it can be a little difficult to find a complete list of "If you buy everything on this checklist, you can build a suit" if I remember correctly. I can try to do that after work if you like.

Personally, I find having a simple parts list helps me envision the whole process.


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You will also need to decide which version of the Mark IV you want to do.
Halo Wars:

or Forward Unto Dawn:


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Ranger's Complete Parts List:

I'm happy to answer questions on what some of these do if the tutorial page section doesn't cover it :)
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