Looking to buy a custom 3d model

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I am looking for someone who can make a custom 3d model of my spartan armor, you don't need to make it from scratch if you're interested I can find the most familiar model for the person to work over
Hey verbub - your best best is going to be to make a post in the Marketplace

You should also include as much information about what you are looking for. (budget, pieces, etc.)
Just remember - you get what you pay for especially with skills-based stuff like this.
There's getting the cheaper modeler... Then there's getting someone that has modeled armor before and grasps the differences in making something to be printed in parts, assembled, worn and so on - from modeling a statue of Thor.

Personally, I'd find one of the armorer artists already doing the work. Someone from Thingiverse or Etsy who makes armor you like and clearly knows what the F they are doing. Then ask them "How much to model this: {insert 10 photos here}" And extra few hundred dollars on a good modeler is worth not having to do 1,000 hours of labor from parts never ENGINEERED for wear.
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