Looking To Purchase Parts From Any Armor Style


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I am looking to purchase parts from anyone, from any armor style from any game not picky. Can only use plastic, or fiberglass as I mod. them and reuse them.There is a possibility that I will reorder as the requests come up. I build armor/robot costumes for movies, Theme parks, other entertainers across the globe and business has grown so has my need for more interesting parts and shapes and as I two man operation I no longer have time for prototyping so I turn to you guys.

Please PM anything you may have at this this time I do not need helmets as this seems to be the one part that is most recognizable from any game and my clients like to have there own head.



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Sorry but I'm going to have to lock this up. All buying and selling here is limited to "Veteran" members and the Classifieds section that you gain access to when you become a Veteran.