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What Spartan Number Should be put on armor

  • M-416

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  • M-762

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  • T-347

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  • R-347

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  • E-501

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  • E-815

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  • A-491

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  • WA-005

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LordHood's New Projects ( Pic Heavy )

so now that i got this


i have more time to work on these

my two finished helms



and my current build ya'll have 3 guesses what its going to be



sorry been sluggish been christmas shopping no time for me to build sorry


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LordHood's New Projects ( Pic Heavy )

So holidays came and went and i have no money left at the moment for my builds so i need to get some cash but i havn't forgotten y'all the visor i had does was for a Pilot helm which i abandoned for reasons yet to be discussed but i started an odst helm and finished it i will upload it later today because i need sleep badly and i need to go put out paper fliers for people to see that i'm looking for work keep y'all posted-


bah i'll leave these here







Merry Christmas Everybody


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We have a problem....i ran out of money and now i'm conflicted with either buying fiber glass or a new mic for my xbox360 in which case i can't produce my movie on halo reach with out a head set...yet i also can't glass my rogue helm to get it ready for molding....yes you heard me on that i'm going to mold it


Doh shat that back fired my mark helm Caught on fire! trying to fix something and it caught on fire


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don't shun me for this but i need some advice and i think i lost my mind...

well heres my idea i'm thinking about making the halo 1 pc Flamethrower and i'm not 100% on the idea seeing what happened last time i tried a weapon build < shudders >

any thoughts on this?


yep i've lost my mind i'm going to head and build it

your more than welcome to say whats on your mind


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Update minor...

mark for shin finished...then destroyed out of pure rage quit that i would have had to break my leg to get it on and even if i did get it on it would be on for ever



and the flamer thrower build there is alot of broken faces but hey who said i don't like a challenge




mehh nvm its to many broken faces that i can't handle


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i'm wondering if i should start talking to a wall because that kinda what it feels like here and i'm sure i'd have a better conversation with it then just reading my own post theres just no will to continue on so untill i get a reason to even continue talking to my self on here i'm going on strike on my builds

if anyone wants me i'll be on xbl doin....nothing like i always do....

Hood out


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Hello Wall again so yeah i know i said i was on strike but i guess i could drop some sticky notes on here





Well Wall until i figure out if i should move on and find another place to post my stuff seeing how i do believe i've lost my mind talking to something that seems not to ever respond back

i don't know


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Don't take it too hard. However, I think the main reason for the lack of responses is that your thread is just constructed pep pieces. Once you bring a piece from pep through to primer (detailing your progress along the way with phoos), then you will see more responses. The pep looks great, but its an old hat. There are a crap load of good pepped out pieces on this ste. Personally, I get into a build once I've seen it move past this stage. This is just my two cents. Anyways, good luck and don't feel bad about the lack of responses.



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I agree with Blackula, once you start the bondo detail stages thats when everybody starts to chime in, looks like your going thru the normal pep stages with parts that don't fit, broken faces etc. I know i've been thru all that also I wouldnt worry about it to much once everything starts to take shape people will notice so please keep up the progress people are watching


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Quick question how do i attach part A Chest plate add on to part B chest plate

do i do that before or after hardening and i do want it to stay on permanently