Losing motivation to finish a suit; what do you guys actually do with yours?

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I have been particularly fond of customizing action figures for almost 10 years now. I ended up buying a h3 recon helmet cast on etsy (as I always wanted one since I did the vidmasters a decade ago) and loved painting it and seeing the final result. I started lurking 405th and quickly decided I wanted to make it into a full suit. I was intrigued to get into familar techniques like 3d printing, resin casting and custom painting. I was also excited to try out the stuff new to me such as eva foam, pepakura, etc. Ive now completed a good chunk of my first ever suit.

Honestly, I have reached a point where I have finished all the "coolest" looking parts of the suit and I am kinda losing interest in finishing the project. First off, I kinda dove head first into this without even thinking what I would even do with it once it is completed. Im not really the type of person that dresses up in a costume for any reason pretty much ever. I can't really see myself enjoying going to a comic-con type event and walking around in my suit by myself. Secondly, it's too big to display. The main reason I got into building a suit was its similarity to customizing action figures and the best part of that is being able to display and view your piece as on finished product. The only way to properly view the suit is to put it on and look in a mirror; and I dont have space to display it on a mannequin. So now I find myself looking at what it takes to finish the suit and not really feeling enthusiastic about it. The large back and lower body pieces are huge and expensive or very time consuming to make depending on the medium used. Im afraid if I finish this thing it will just sit in my closet and be forgotten about.

So ultimately, what motivates you guys to make your suits? Is it the social aspect associated with costuming? Or just the pure artistry associated with it? Or do you just love the building process? And what do you do with your suit? Thanks.

Helmet- Resin Casted
Shoulders- 3d printed
Chest- Pepakura
Biceps-EVA foam
Hands & forearms- 3d printed


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Hey Reconfred welcome! Losing motivation and having what we jokingly call a “pile of shame” (half finished projects). Is super commonplace around here to the point that it has its own channel in the Discord.

Me personally, I’ve finished 2 “Halo” helmets and have most of the supplies to build my Infinite Chief/ Spartan out of foam and fiberglass/ carbon fiber… but the pandemic hit and I lost all motivation. Which honestly, is a-ok. I do it to learn new skills and I just generally enjoy making things, there is no finite timeline on that in life.

As for what I do with mine once I finish them, well, with other costumes I’ve gone to comic cons, visited children’s hospitals, gone to local festivals. People get a kick out of it. I have a few friends I used to go with locally. But the awesome thing about the 405th is that you are not likely to be alone at any major con. We are many and we are supportive. Finished suit or not, we have tables to drop by during the normal times or meetups. That is why we have the regiment channels. Generally, folks join a regiment and we all bond over video games and all sorts of other hobbies.

For display purposes… well my Batman armour is on a hockey equipment rack in my basement. Once I get my Chief done One of my next projects is going to be a proper display for both of them that isn’t sports based… no idea what that is going to look like to be honest.

I hope you don’t lose all the motivation and you get a chance to experience it and become part of the troops.

P.S. it is looking AMAZING so far… Orange Team for life!
First things first, the parts you have finished are fantastic. What motivates me the most is a sort of non egotistical "I did this". Being able to take a step back and admire what was once a pile of foam, paper or 3D printing filament and is now SOMETHING is very rewarding. The "something" can be an unfinished suit or prop (I have a lot of these) or something that is everything you envisioned that just sits on a shelf. If you find what motivates you, use that to push yourself. Show people close to you, post your work where others with the same passion will give you compliments and feedback. I'm struggling to find the time to finish all the prints I have and this sucks. I really want to get back to working on my suit but work simply doesn't allow enough time at the moment. So until the time is right I sat everything I've created on a bookcase that I see every day. A reminder that I still have work to do and a monument to everything I've done so far. There's nothing wrong with taking a break to get your drive back or planning for when you have the time to work, just don't give up.
What do we do with the suits? Short answer: Real life doodooposting tbh
Longer answer: Conventions, hanging out with friends is awesome and grouping up and walking around the floor is such a great experience. Photoshoots, charity events, and other fun activities are also things to do in armor
I have heard of some local bars doing cosplay nights and things like that. A lot of people get some professional photos to commemorate their work. Cons are the big thing that most people do. I'm sure there are other members that will go to whatever cons are in your area.
I can't really see myself enjoying going to a comic-con type event and walking around in my suit by myself.
As others have said, it's very likely you'll find like minded people to to talk and even walk around with. I've made a number of friends at cons, most who I still keep in contact with, others who I have the pleasure seeing at cons again. Isn't that right bishopmilitaria ?
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