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Hey folks!

I have finally gotten my 3D printer, and I'm getting to work on what has been a dream of mine for at least a decade, an ODST build. So come with me as I take you on this marvelous journey of mistakes, headaches, awkward questions, and "by the gods, why did he do that?!?

First up, weapons. Yeah, the armor would probably make more sense to start with, but I wanted something that I could finish and yet learn from at the same time. So I'll be printing two to start with. Today, I'm going to show you the M6C/SOCOM.


Maybe a little ambitious.....


Mistake were made, but I won't let that stop me!!!!

Lots of good detailing here.

All put together!!!!
and with a layer of black primer (finding matte paints is kinda difficult for some reason.....)

That's all I've got for now, thanks for dropping in everyone.
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Hello again everyone!

So, you might be thinking "Luka, those def aren't bits of ODST armor in your photos." and you'd be 100% correct. See, I happened to be lucky enough to win a suit of Halo Marine armor crafted by the fantastic TillXValhalla. I'm still going to do a full ODST suit, don't worry, but this gives me a lot of practice on painting armor.

Almost the full suit. I thought one of the shoulder pads managed to escape the shipping box, but it was just stuck to the backside of the backplates. Some pieces got warped in shipping, but nothing a bit of heat can't fix.

Literally the first pieces I painted, and I think they look good. I'm planning on doing some silver dry brushing to really make the damage pop, and maybe a burnt umber wash to give it that "I wear this to battle" look.

I didn't want to be too monocolor, so a lighter green for accents seems to be the way to go.

That's all I have photos of for the moment, but I've been painting most of today so I should have some more to show off soon. Thanks for the support everyone!


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Alright, all of the Marine armor is painted to a point that I'm happy with it. That does mean no more Marine updates until I can start collecting my paychecks so I can buy the stuff I'm going to actually mount the armor on to. But for now, I do have some photos.

All of the various bits of arm armor.

A closer look at the left hip plate and the chest piece. I will add a UNSC logo and a rank insignia (Sargent, as I actually have claim to that one in real life..... kinda....) but that's for later.

Just a closer (somewhat blurrier) look at some of the pieces.

Battle damage on the bucket. It's safe to say that I've had more than my fair share of knocks to the head.....

My poor dinning room table, covered from end to end in various bits and pieces......

And finally! My current project! This is my favorite weapon in the UNSC armory, the DMR. It's also my first print in PETG which likes all of the settings just so. Translation, it's as temperamental as a teenager who forgot to study for a test and now they're gonna lose the car on the weekends. I'm learning how to deal with it, but I'm very happy the rougher portions will be covered up.

Thanks for stopping by everyone, it'll be at least two days before I'm able to post a new update, maybe longer. Until then, thanks for all the support!


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Hey everyone. Sorry for the big delay, but it's about to get worse. I'm in the process of moving, and I'm not going to have consistent access to my printer over the next several months. Still, I have just a little bit to show you, and I'll hopefully be able to finish up my Marine costume that's currently taking over my dinning room table.


Rifle is really starting to take shape now. Big shout out to NerdForgeDesign for bringing Weld-On 3 to my attention. That stuff really is amazing.


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Oof, I've been missing for a while haven't I? And I don't have much to show for it!?! Wow, I'm a bad person! But hey! An update!

Alright, I'll be frank here, life has been slightly rough, and my printer was out of commission for about 6 months or so, but after some upgrades, fixes, and a lot of troubleshooting, I've managed to get everything working again. Life still isn't in a fantastica place, but it's a lot better and still improving, so yay! Now, on to the updates.


The DMR is fully printed and assembled!!! I still need to do a fair amount of sanding and gap filling, but progress is good.

That's really all I've got for the moment. I'm out of plastic for myself, so I'll be doing a quick project for a buddy while I wait on the new stuff to come in. Thanks for paying attention.


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Hey folks. I'm out of plastic at the moment, so no ODST updates (I know, I haven't actually shown y'all any ODST stuff, I'm a fraud) but I do have something for you. The ever amazing TillXValhalla reminded me that I owed him photos of the foam Marine outfit he sent me, so y'all get to benefit.

So it's still a work in progress, but I am happy with what I've got so far.


The SOCOM is held on by magnets. They aren't strong enough, but it's a good proof of concept if nothing else.


This part I'm really proud of. The chest plate can slide up and down, covering up the stomach plates and letting me get in and out of the armor a lot easier. Very glad I decided to do that.


See what I mean?

Just to give you an idea on how it all works.

Till next time y'all.



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Hey everyone, I'm back, and with ACTUAL ODST UPDATES THIS TIME!!!!! I know! I don't believe it either! Let's get started.


Various parts and pieces, I wanted some small prints to start with so we have some "pouches", some buckle points, and the belt plate.

We also have my first bit of blood on my armor. I was trying to clean up the support scars, and ended up nicking my finger just a bit.

And finally, we have what currently on the print bed, half of the left shin. Or an alien face. Or a crashed millennium falcon.... You decide!!!!

That's all I've got for today, and it'll be at least four days before the shin is printed, so here's hoping I see y'all next weekend!


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