M6 Pistol pepakura

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Hi all,
All done well, excluding fact that you need to do hole in grip for clip by yourself :)
I suggest to ignore little parts or do it yourself NOT of paper, cuz there are very small parts.

Model is divided for 9 parts - pistol base, breachblock, clip, cap, trigger, grip bottom part, laser and 2 knobs.

Any criticism welcome!
And can explain me somebody how to move 3D objects in pep designer for better presentation, if we have several objects in one file?
Thank you very much.

P.S. Do NOT do scale - it is scaled right, just because it is disassembled you will see height of 19.1 cm!
Glued it must be OK.

Here is pdo file


Best regards
It seems like 2 parts of the gun which should be seperate are connected, use 3ds max and move the gun to the side, if you dont have it, send me the file, PM me for my email, and I'll email it back to you, pep counts anything it opens to be 1 object unless they are separated physically.
Well, if this group wants to represent a military unit, granted, it's 500 years in the future, but still we should start by getting the names of weapon parts right, it shows you know what you're talking about. Armor parts have proper names too but only the SCA will be picky about them :)
Drat, I knew I'm wrong!
This part I called breachblock is really "slide assembly".
Clip is really "magazine".
Wikipedia helps sometimes.

Clip - This term is often used when referring to a detachable magazine.
But in fact, it is a device, usually of stamped metal similar to a charger that holds a group of cartridges,
and is inserted along with the cartridges into certain magazines.
It is expelled after the last round in the magazine is spent.

Slide - The upper portion of a semi-automatic pistol that houses the barrel and contains
the breechblock and portions of the firing mechanism. As its name states,
it slides along tracks in the top of the frame during the recoil process providing
the linkage between the breechblock and barrel.
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