M6D Magnum (H1)


Wanna see more? Be sure to check out CollinMcCaf's Model Repository!

This model is available for download through the link above!

Its finally done! Winter break gave me a bit of free time :)
I've updated the file (01/04/19), this one is in two parts to reduce the amount of support material required. Be sure to sand these two mating surfaces really well before gluing them together, as there shouldn't be a visible split line for this model.


M6D-2.png M6D-6.png M6D-3.png M6D-4.png M6D-5.png M6D-1.png

Printing recommendations:
**Unless you're using an SLA printer, you will not be able to print all the details**

I would highly recommend a 0.2mm nozzle using a 0.1mm (or smaller) layer height.
Anything larger than either of these and you will see a major loss of detail.

My estimated time to print:
Magazine: 3 hours
Receiver: 19 hours
Slide:13 hours

My slicer settings:
60mm/s perimeter
100mm/s infill,
150mm/s travel speed
750mm/s^2 accelleration
15% infill
0.2mm nozzle
0.1mm layer height

Original post:
Heres a very early look at the Halo 1 M6D Magnum. I've nearly figured out all the geometry, there are just a few more tweaks to do before I begin adding the details. If anyone has some good reference material, please send it my way. (Original H1, not anniversary graphics).

M6D.jpg M6D_2.jpg
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I'm going to post some better renders as soon as I can get Fusion to play nice again. I found a way better material :)