m6d pistol

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im thinking about making a m6d but a kit that will turn a BB gun into one....know i need to find a BB gun prefer a gass blow back on....the parts i want to make is that scope/laser pointer houseing the back part of the gun, the trigger guard, maybe a grip replacement and mag end with the asian 7 on the bottom

so ant help with the BB decision would be great
wait first we need to clarify what hes trying to make, link are your trying to turn a bb gun into the m6d or a airsoft gun?
well i want to use a co2 gun that has a blowback system....i dont kow to much about the differents between the two

its something that we all should agree on
well i like the back ones with the side that sides back same as the game

kinda like what Sigma-LS did with his airsoft P99
ok if you doing airsoft there is spring single shots, you have to pull the slide bac each time, theres gas ones, i guess thats what you want, they do blowback, and theres electric that some blow back too high powerd and low powerd hmm ill finish this later go to go somewhere
looks like in heading towards gas ones....i dont want to pull it back everytime i want to shoot
yeah i have been looking at that site trying to figure out what pistol that everyone would like to agree on so i can start on a conversion kit
im back, so are you gonna make a tutorial on what to buy an how to convert it, or a kit that has the stuff to convert it or both? shortyusa.com or somthing if i rember has a bunch of airsoft guns, expensive.
shorty usa sucks, i bought a gun and it had a cracked battery case and stripped gears.

and he just thought about doin this today so calm down
so are you gonna make a tutorial on what to buy an how to convert it, or a kit that has the stuff to convert it or both

not like anger calm down like hyper calm down, and shortyusa does suck admit it
not to get ina fight or anything i was just asking, but ....hmm i shouldnt say it becuase it would start a fight and im not like that so nvm whatever.
if you want to make an existing gun into the pistol, you first have to reconise the shape of the weapons. the p99 is a good idea but it isnt vertical enough. you could make it look like the halo pistol, but it will be a little longer (which might make it liik funny LOL). Second, Mancubus, what picture is that? i cant figure it out.
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