M90 Shotgun *Complete*

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Here it is, I've just modded the weathered slightly and added the pistol grip, I'm not very pleased with the pistol grip but since it's my first project it ain't gunna be my best work I figure. I may add a flashlight into the lower barrel slot at some stage. Any comments are must appreciated :Steve:
many thanks
- Shifty
lol, cool. Thanks for the comments, folks. Next I'm working on the gloves for my armour set. So expect looksies soon. ;-)
M90 shotgun

Dude arent u gonna make it black? and what about the stock? It doesnt look kinda the same.Make a little adjustments and it will look like a shotgun soon enogh

Sigma-LS said:
Nice, I think it's a great first project.
Did you get that picture from theres something about Halo 2? because thats hilarious!LOL! :hyper:
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