MA5B/MA5C need some advice on painting

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Well I have started my first project here. Working on a MA5B (maybe its a MA5C? depends on length. Anyone have any thoughts?) and I'm at the stage were I need to paint it.

Can anyone offer any advice / recommendations on brand / colors of paint to use? Lore makes it our as a titanium and polymer construction. So I am figuring on some form of silver/metal color and a flat black.

Using a nerf Rayven, nerf retaliator front barrel and light, and this kit to put it together. Also added a Nerf Bigshock as a master key. Going to add a working AmmoCounter, and upgrade the motors and flywheel in the Rayven just because. Still need to find the right flashlight to add as well.
Based on the shroud details, your one is neither an MA5B or an MA5C. Rather, it is an MA5D​ - the version that first appeared in Halo 4.

As for the colours, most of it should be grey, somewhere between medium and dark in terms of tone. The shroud, which contains the ammo counter, should be visibly lighter than the main body, but still darker than light grey. As well as that, there are parts that are either a) an incredibly dark grey or b) black. These are along the underside of the weapon, from end to end, as well as on the cheek rest. Given that the magazine is visibly sticking out, that should be lighter than the shroud, being more of a light grey. Then, finally, the barrel and flashflight need to be a dark gun metal grey.

Overall, the paint should have a mid/low gloss finish, with a subtle highlight - not matte, but also not high gloss. The shroud is basically matte, with a very spread, barely visible highlist. And anything that should be moving should have a high gloss finish.

Also, below is a side profile of the MA5D for colour and glossiness reference. The wear should be optional.


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