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MA5C Assault Rifle (Halo 3) 3d Printable- Model Uploaded

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by CollinMcCaf, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Praxster

    Praxster New Member

    I have a shaker motor, a blue LED screen, a couple servo motors, a Raspberry Pi and a lot of LEDS ready for once this rifle is good to go. Can't wait!
  2. CollinMcCaf


    Special thanks to Praxster for reminding me this model exists, heres a "functional" version. This model will work as though the gun is jammed. The bolt assembly moves, and the mag release should work. Unfortunately there's no real way to make the ejection port open without using metal.
    Assembly is pretty straight forward. Just be sure to add a spring behind the mag release button/rail (one that's relatively stiff).
    If you want to add leds/ electronics, I'd recommend printing out two power buttons (labeled as "button"), drilling out the static ones attaching the flashlight to one side, the leds to the other.
    Here's a link: MA5C_F.zip
  3. Praxster

    Praxster New Member

    Awesome! What do you want in terms of crediting? Should I put your name or something somewhere on the Rifle?
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  4. mkshane81


    Oh wow, thanks so much for sharing! Definitely added to my list of "must print"!


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