MA5C. Need Help!!

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I have started folding my MA5c but 1 big question arose to my mind, How do you keep it firm?

I mean with the other parts you fiberglass the interior but how do you do it with the ma5c since it is going to be closed.

Should i use some sort of a filler like "Great stuff"?

Please help.
I've heard horror stories about Great Stuff. I wouldn't try it.

Most people just improvise. I know of one person who's cutting theirs in half down the middle, and fiberglassing both sides, then epoxying it back together.

I don't know if there's a set way to do it. :unsure:
Its better to fiberglass the inside than outside, because you loose so much detail when you do the outside. Just make sure to resin it once or twice before cutting to keep it sturdy.
I tried using low expanding foam on the inside of my helm...its shitty stuff. Even after a week only the skin had dried. Apparently they REALLY MEAN IT when they say use a quarter inch bead of thickness. It wouldn't dry even in the open helmet, so I had to scrape it out. I don't think low expanding foam would ever really dry in a closed AR.
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