MA5C Pepakura build


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With the upcoming season of RvB I wanted to do a build of Agent Washington's armor from the Project Freelancer arc (Mk VI Build) and I thought


"What's a freelancer without a weapon?"

Now the reason I'm making the MA5C and not the BR55 that he's mostly seen using is because it was one of my favorite UNSC guns from the Halo series.
[Ignore the phone quality photos, theyll only be around for a few images]

I found the highest detailed MA5 and printed 31 pages of parts.

Starting from the back I made the magazine first, reinforcing the inside with cardboard to prevent it from collapsing. afterwards I made the rest of the housing for it


afterwards I made the outside of the rifle butt. Cutting up toilet paper tubes helped reinforce curves of what im pretty sure is the chamber.
Handy tip: Use varying thickness of cardboard. Ive been using toilet paper tubes/cereal boxes for small areas, thin cardboard from my loot crate subscription and thick card board from bulk packages to straighten large flat areas like the magazine.

The back is nearly done I just have to add the top (which I'm working on now) and then I'll be ready to move onto the grip.