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MA5D needs to be Nerfed.... no seriously.

Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by Viper 466, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    Alright. Let's shake the rust off. A while ago I bumbled on some things and needed to combine them. An Ammo Counter Kit, and a 3d print for a Nerf Rayven. I mean, this had to happen.

    The build is interesting but not overly challenging, and above all else supremely satisfying. Using a Nerf Rayven, a Recon/Retaliator Barrel extension, and a Recon flashlight I was able to assemble the kit, build up my parts, and have the Nerf Blaster Some dreams are made of.

    The 3d kit comes from UPW Design, and the counter is from Ammo Counter. No really, it's called Ammo Counter. I had to go back through all my emails to find this info. You're welcome. Insert Maui.jpg.

    Both of these fine proprietors can be found on Etsy. (Some assemly required)

    So. Step 1. Slicing apart the Rayven and fitting the kit. The first thing I had to do was assemble the kits parts. It's fairly straight forward and needs a little elbow grease. The parts have dowels and rods but the holes need to be cleaned out a little. I recommend some type of plastic epoxy to cement the parts together.

    You can see on the green blaster image where I recommend cutting it apart. Important notice. DO. NOT. CUT OFF. THE FLY WHEEL CAGE. Seriously. You will cry when you kill your very expensive blaster. It's like 65 Cad new and the older ones are astronomically priced.

    Once the kit was assembled and in 2 parts (Fore and lower/Rail section) It was a bunch of test fits and smoothing. Remember pepakura files? Have fun sanding. |:

    More updates to follow.







  2. Dirtdives


    Nicely done Viper 466. Great looking AR NERF mod!!!
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  3. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    Sand and prime and smooth. The endless night mare. This took a while to smooth down and secure. Also a couple tries to fit the counter mech. Upside. Ammo counter. Will see if I can get the videos of it functioning pre and post install uploaded. It uses an arduino and IR gate to track darts passing through the barrel and then ticks down the screen.

    Stay tuned.


  4. Schankerz


    Oooooo, now this I like very very much, top notch work my friend, top notch. (y)
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  5. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    Okay, so short of making a YouTube channel to showcase stuff I can't get the vids up. I'm going to forge ahead with wip images and when I get back from Seattle, the city of Halo I'll see about doing that. For now, WIPS!!!

    I straightened the barrel tightened things down and used self tapping screws (with pilot holes) to secure down the shroud. 4 in total. I used my dremel to widen out the hole in the front for my flashlight. I know I know I KNOW. "Dremels spin too fast and melt the print Mike". That's what knives, needle files, and sand paper are for. Yeesh.

    Sanded the Rayven clean of all the digital camo, the nerf logos, and all the safety info. I hand sanded it to be able to control where I worked as there is s lot of greeble I wanted to keep.

    Disassembled the nerf bits, and gently sanded them and then primed them black. The colour I used was the now extinct in my local area of Canada, Krylon Ultra Flat Camoflage Black. (RIP, F to pay respects.) then I put it all back together and took some pretty pictures.

    The reason for Krylon is it's specifically formulated to bond to plastic da best. As tested by folks like Punished Props. Follow in the foot steps of giants folks. Let their learning and lessons pave your way. Up next, fixing the light and painting I guess. CHARGE!!!!









  6. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    The Krylon Camouflage Olive Drab still exists on Canadian Tire shelves though! I've definitely used that as a primer and then laid down black overtop of it on some things that are more stubborn.
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  7. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    Not in Edmonton. I know, I had to drive all the way to Wetaskiwin to get their last 3 cans because that's the stuff I painted chief with. Like some kind of rube.

    #unimpressed #betrayal #curseyoukrylon
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  8. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    We interrupt this regular post to say the following. Emerald City was totaly rad. Youtube Chanel for video linking and such will go live today. Also, HOLY F**K ISAAC HANNAFORD LIKES MY ODST. More updates to follow.

  9. Schankerz


    Man everywhere I go here it sounds like ECCC was pretty awesome this year, glad you enjoyed it!

    On a serious note, and I know serious notes are kinda lame, we do try and keep language on the site family friendly for many reasons so would you mind editing your post to make it more so? Thanks man, thought I’d save you the trouble of getting wet noodle slapped by someone with much more power than me.
  10. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    We're preoccupied with the noodles.

    I follow the Firefly and BSG swear rules on here. Think of them as sentence enhancers to be used liberally.
  11. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    So the website gives me a lot more control, shame I don't super need it at this point. DEMO TIME. This is the counter in action when it was outside the shroud.

    I'll put up the video in another post here some time shortly and see about showing the vid with the shroud rough mounted before I show the painting process a bit.

    As always, MORE TO COME!
  12. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Now you just need an extended mag for the other 26 rounds! Just kidding, that is awesome!
  13. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    Thanks man! It can cycle nerf mag sizes all the way up to big ol 35 drum. Not quite canonical I know, but it'll mulch covies all day long.
    : D
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
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  14. LastMinute

    LastMinute New Member

    Ha. Cooooooool.
  15. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    Aaaaaannd some more test footage. This time after I got the shell all put together.

    For realzies now though, paint time.
  16. Lieutenant Jaku

    Lieutenant Jaku

    fantastic work, can't wait to see it painted
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  17. PaiganBoi


    That is just soooooo cool.
    The cat calling "dibs!" on the darts is an added bonus.:D:D:D
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  18. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    Alright. Time to get back in the saddle. My post con crash this time round has been nothing short of the worst I've ever experienced.

    Em City was a huge convention for me and I mean it was beyond all my expectations. All of them.

    SO! Here we go. From base colours I used a lot of tape and some rattle cans later we had the base colours.

    From there it was all brush work. Layers. So many layers. Citadel olive paints and custom mixing with grays. This helped me make this thing look how it does. Not the best explanation but I used s combination of washes, dry brushing, and dabbing to make an inconsistent and used looking exterior.

    More to come. Sooner this time. Promise.







  19. PHCosplay

    PHCosplay New Member

    what would it take to get something like this from you? i own the boom co weapon but this look so awesome i almost have to have one.
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  20. CakProps

    CakProps New Member

    What are the dimensions of the whole piece that goes on top of the barrel?
  21. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    This baby right here is about 270$ Cad in parts alone, so a comission would run close to 700 with labour... ^-^;;;
  22. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    Would have to take a measure up that. In total not sure off the top of my head.
  23. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    Well who knew back to back to back con prep could be so exhausting. I finished my AR just before Emerald City this year and have been non stop prep build and paint since. Among some other less fortunate things. I will be posting links to vids of it in action in a bit. Just have to wind down from working on fallout stuff.

    I wrapped the barrel in 2mm craft foam and then dremel'd out the detail to complete the barrel itself. I still have to make a cover for the counter sadly, one of these days I'll jump on that.

    Below are some build completion photos. I'm going to lost the glamour shots and Boomco comparisons separately. Hoof. Sorry again this is takin so long.





  24. Lieutenant Jaku

    Lieutenant Jaku

    looks fantastic
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  25. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    Alrighty. LINKS

    Full overview of the MA5.

    Aaaaand just plinking.

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