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Mac help for Pepakura??

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by WolfsHead, May 28, 2014.

  1. WolfsHead

    WolfsHead New Member

    I know peps are Windows only, but I don't have bootcamp or anything like that. I also know that the pep files can be saves as .pdfs, and I can view and print those from my mac. Does anyone have the files saves for those on Mac? Specifically looking for the assault rifle, and MC helmet from 4. Thanks for any help!
  2. Bobby Boucher

    Bobby Boucher

    Do a little searching. I have the same problem, so I borrow a PC if I need to print anything. There was a thread I found a while ago that talked about this, try a little more research and see what you find. :)
  3. JacobRyan

    JacobRyan New Member

    You can setup Pepakura using Wineskin Winery.

    1. Make sure you have bought and downloaded Pepakura Viewer or Designer depending on what you exactly need and have the .EXE.

    2. Go to http://wineskin.urgesoftware.com/tiki-index.php download and install the program from the DMG.

    3. Launch Wineskin Winery. From here we'll need to grab a New Engine. Make sure you use 1.5.14 (do not select the AMDspeedhack) or else you'll never be able to select a default exe and have to go through the "install process" every time. From here highlight the 1.5.14 engine by clicking once and hit "Create New Blank Wrapper". Once you do this you'll name your app (call it Pepakura or whatever you'd like) the first time you'll receive notifications to install Wine Mono and Wine Gecko, go ahead and do this. Once it's finished you'll get the option to view your wrapper in Finder and just move it to your desktop.

    4. Double click on the wrapper/app we created and click "Install Software", from here navigate to your pepakura installer.exe file and select it. From there you will install it like a normal Windows program. Deselect "Create Shortcut on Desktop" as it's useless in this case, if you forget it'll simply just create a .INK file you can delete later from your desktop.

    5. You will receive an invalid error, don't worry about it just hit okay and Pepakura will launch, you will receive this error each time but don't be alarmed. At this point quit out of the Pepakura app you just created (CMD+Q). You should receive a notification that you need to select a default .exe. Make sure you select pepakura3.exe from the list. You can now relaunch Pepakura easily each time and enter your key code to unlock the full version, you will only have to enter your code once on the next launch.

    As far as I can tell all functionality is here and you can print as well without a problem.
  4. WolfsHead

    WolfsHead New Member

    That worked beautifully, thanks so much!!!
  5. JacobRyan

    JacobRyan New Member

    Not a problem! If anyone needs more in depth help feel free to PM me.
    Premasunshine96 likes this.
  6. Premasunshine96

    Premasunshine96 New Member

    I have a macOS Sierra Version 10.12.6, I don't know if I can use any of the given download options...so any idea? :(
  7. JacobRyan

    JacobRyan New Member

    Hey! What do you mean you don't think you can use any of the given download options?
    Premasunshine96 likes this.
  8. Premasunshine96

    Premasunshine96 New Member

    Heya! I came on today to give u an update! Took a while but I finally figured out what version was compatible with mine (it was High Sierra) and got everything done! Thank you a ton for the steps you gave! <3 They were very helpful and I'm glad I have pep on my Mac now lol :D
  9. Lieutenant Jaku

    Lieutenant Jaku

    where did you find the mac version? I didn't think one existed

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