Machined H3 Logo


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While waiting for the metal to come in the mail for the blades of the spike grenade I decided to do the H3 Logo. It is made of aluminum and measures 7 3/8" W x 3 3/8" H x 1/4" T.

Hope you like.


Nicely done. Sucks though, that I dont have ANY freaking tools to cut steel with, only thing I can do is alluminum. Whatever steel I use must already be the size I need.

Anyway if you were to sell one of those frag grenades, or if you were to make the battle knives, how much would they cost?


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Thanks Guys

@CemreTas I just put a classified up for my frag and as for the knives its hard to say, but I'd like to look into it. Is there dimensions for them somewhere here?

@The Kraken Yeah its nice, but my shop is in my garage and there is VERY little room.


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@NoodleRama They are seperate peices. I like it better that way cause it gives me the option to stick it anywhere and not have a back on it.

@spartan 300 HaHa that was my first thought I will have to try it out. Ill take a pic and post it when I do.

@AoBfrost I used my jedi powers and light saber to cut it out. LOL Sorry I know its early I used my CNC mill...........POWERED BY MY JEDI POWERS WWHAAHAHAAA


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bevbor said:
As next your masterpiece you must cut out 405th emblem, definitely :)
Wow good call. That'll be a bit of work. That would be a good one when I finish building my big CNC router. :lol:
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