machinima idea - operation: ORACLE

Spartan 037

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Hey everyone! Long time, no see! I posted on the waypoint forums about this but no one replied and I thought "who would be more interested in Halo the 405th?" So lets get to it.

I have been rereading the older books (fall of reach-cole protocal) and it spurred the creativity in me. I want to do a machinima. But not just a machinima, a canon heavy, spartan spectacular, machinima! Reach would be used for some parts, Halo 4 for the rest with little sprinklings of odst in there too.*

Now, I don't want devulge too much of the plot but it involves a group of spartan IV's who are sent on missions to find and raid Forerunner installations. When a mission hits a snag, half the team is left dead and the other half must proceed forward with thinned numbers and facing entrenched Storm Covenant forces. The team and their smart A.I. CYTOH (pronounced: Ky-Toe) are able to recover a forerunner artifact but are left in critical condition.I personally don't have a capture card, or a stable Live connection for that matter (I'm working on it.) However, I'm a decent writer (Im going to college for film editting) and I have the abilitt and talent to edit, and add special effects and slight 3D animation. I'm working on a test real, though the video quality is crap (I have to record the tv with my camcorder) it will display parts of the story as well as special effects.

I wanted to see if there was any interest before I went and said what jobs we would need but yeah. What do you guys think?