Maglight Upgrade for ARs

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There was a light upgrade posted on how to make your AR mag light bright and out of a cheap plastic flashlight. Theres an easier way...

1. Get a mag lite.
2. Go to a hardwear/Home Depot type store and pick up a mag light LED conversion kit...or go to:
For those that are LED ignorant (LOL) an LED bulb lasts for hundreds of thousands of hours, doesnt get hot, produces bright white light, and uses barley any battery. A normal mag light

If u wanted to get fancy u could make a spring loaded bracket/tube you load the Maglight+tailcap model into so when u push the flashlight into the AR housing slightly it turns on. When u push it again it turns off. Think like a shotgun pump. Ive got a converted mag and it ROCKS. The tailcap is nasty.

IF links don't work search Mag light LED conversion kit in google.
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