Main Rifle Rounds Meter Decal / Sticker or LED ?

John Rivas

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Hi. Does anyone here sell these (I assume are decals) that would fit on a full scale prop -or- does anyone offer the template to allow me to customize the size and colors? Has anyone made an LED version? I didn't find search results for making or buying this item. Please point me in the right direction.




If you don't mind doing a little foot work, you should be able to create a stencil using the textures found in the game assets folder Halo 3: ODST - UNSC Weapons the numbers aren't in there but I would think those would be easy enough.

From what I've seen, anything to do with electronics tends to be classified as "voodoo magic" around here. A static, lit up sticker, is about the most you should expect from the community at this point in time. I've seen a few ammo counters but they're far and few between.


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Dustin Westeby used to do LED programmed Ammo counters. not sure if he still does.

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I have done three ammo counters with some assistance. All were purchased from Westaby and are pretty simple to install with a soldering iron. Two on battle rifles and one the assault rifle.
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