Major changes and fixes coming to Tombstone and Desolation

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Sean Bradley

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Just caught this in the weekly update:

After launch, players quickly discovered a couple of geometry flaws in the maps (typical of the kind found in Halo 2) that enabled superjumping and created “invisible walls.” Well the good news is that in part, due to the systems we’ve set up to implement the maps on two hardware platforms, and thanks to heroic work by Certain Affinity (the maps’ creators), we are able to repair the more glaring flaws in these maps. We intend to do this in very short order, and almost immediately thereafter, roll them into matchmaking proper.

Now the inconvenience in this is that you will have to update the maps. There are a couple of things to consider here. . Everyone who paid for them already will not be re-billed. The fixed maps are of course free to previous purchasers.

I wonder if it'll take all my glitching fun out of those new maps. :bye2:
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hmmmm, I watched my friend play the Halo PC port the other day , its increadibly common to get off the map or into places your not supposed to on there. Its screwy stuff
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