Make myself tall like Chief?


Quick question. I'm 6'0", about to embark on making my first set of Pepakura armor (using another pre-sized pep and modifying it to match 6'0"). I was wondering, has anyone done like... high boots, stilts or any other trick to make themselves appear larger-than-human size like spartans typically are? Curious if there's some trick I could use to make myself 6'6" or maybe taller. Every inch counts. Let me know if you've got ideas or suggestions for me.

The Wolf

Thick shoe soles or, maybe bigger shoe cushions/taller shoes or maybe 5 inched(halo armor probably add atleast an inch to height) stilts that are wider than regular stilts and have it so the the stilts end at the kness so then you can hide your feet behind the knees if their more outwards


Spartans don't really follow human proportions, a lot of their limbs are stretched out and exaggerated to make the armour work. If you want that look I'd recommend one of these.
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As someone with a compressed disc in my back this looks like a physio treatment I’d be willing to try. If it gives me a boost for my Chief suit, I mean... win win.

Hatake Cosplay

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I did a Zaku 2 Build (Mobile suit gundam) using foam and Corrigated Plastic back in 2015. Giant robots, like Spartans don't have human proprtions.
To get the look right I added 5 inches of foam to the bottom of my shoes (which were much wider than typical shoes) to go from 6.0 to 6.5. I then made it so the helmet sat higher on my head to get an extra couple of inches.

You will have to adjust the sizes of individual armor bits to get the proptions to look right. I also found that I moved much slower and got fatigued much quicker in that outfit. It was like walking in snow shoes.

It's a different build but I hope some my experience helps you in your endeavor. Good luck!