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Watching several threads i noticed that a part of the underarmor we constantly see in-game is rather less mentioned and discussed - the gloves. From what i have seen lurking around here most people go with Motorcycle/ Paintball Gloves or Tactical gloves they bought.
In general you don`t see the rest underneath the hand plates - a lot of folks seem to think so.
The few custom builts i`ve found are Uratz-Studios sculpts and Sean Bradleys

I`m going for a more in-game accurate version here, specificaly the halo 5 variant.
There were some discussions on halo waypoint - some people hate the new look, some like`em - i think the detail put in by the artists is worth some credit.

I´m using the following picture as main reference:

a2733e741f241d04780cd1de3d2934da - Kopie.jpg

That`s pretty hard to replicate, i admit. That are about min. 3 layers which makes sense, MJOLNIR is considered to be ABC-weapon resistant and durable in vacuum. But i want atleast be able to grab a drink:lol:
The Results should go in this direction:

Mark-vi-gen1-scarred - gloves.jpg

H5GMB_Armor_Helioskrill - gloves.jpg

A simple black and 2 layers.
I made a quick sketch in CAD and it looks like this

Then i cut out some rough templates and glued them on another glove just to see if it matches the proportions i have in mind:
WP_20170306_21_36_50_Pro.jpg WP_20170306_21_39_17_Pro.jpg

Forgive me if it looks crappy, it was a rushed attempt:notworthy:
Now i`ll figure out what to adjust a little and start the actual built which should be sewed.
Afterwards i will upload the final templates here.

I want to add armor on top but i am not sure how to hold it in place whithout damaging the gloves (no glue):unsure:
If anyone has an idea, i would like to hear it!
I probably will use the 3d model of the MC hand by CarterBuilder12
Could also model different hand plates myself. Im furthermore willing to fulfil request from other members - but that`s a topic for another thread.

Let me know what you think!
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Augh...I wish you had posted this like a month ago.:p Looks pretty fantastic! did you use foam or fabric? :D can you post the templates? I need to make a pair of my own for my MC suit.

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Very cool and nice work on the templates. you could sew on some Velcro to the top of the gloves or maybe rivet some snap buttons on to attach the armor.


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It´s leather (1mm). Will post the templates in the next days.
you could sew on some Velcro to the top of the gloves or maybe rivet some snap buttons on to attach the armor.
looking into it....seems to be a good product. Had similar thoughts about using snap buttons. Thanks for the Advise:)
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Another option to hold armor to them would be small pockets inside the glove for small washers or metal plates that you would match magnets up to.


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*drool* *ghasp* *wetting pants*

I feel a few commissions will be coming your way...but wow, those are spectacular! now you just need a base glove that looks like the
in-game ones!

are you planning on doing some stitching on the thumbs for some serious accuracy? That would be pretty papeesheewoosh!
nice papeesheewooshes you got there, and I hope to see more of your papeesheewoosh progress!


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thanks a lot:cool:
Papeesheewoosh- \puh-pee-shee-woush\ Noun-
An object of good craftsmanship; one which has taken much sweat and coffee (and often paint) to create. commonly referring to Halo.
hehehe, had to look that one up in your dictionary:D
i found simple black working gloves. i use 2 of them which will be put together.
Most of the parts are small and i think gluing is the way to go.
stitching? yeah, there are actually lines in the templates which indicate where to do that (screenshot in the first post)
still a prototype tho - there are a few things i want to improve next time.

test fitting:
WP_20170319_02_06_46_Pro.jpg WP_20170319_02_09_29_Pro.jpg WP_20170319_02_11_37_Pro.jpg WP_20170319_02_26_30_Pro.jpg

hand plates are partially done and the rest should be printed soon.


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I appreciate your feedback guys. I will try out what you recommended.

Because one of my reference pictures included it:

I gave it a try and made the helioskrill hand plate for lolz.... :)


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Hey 8015. It's nice to see people producing some high-level work around here. Epilogs are pretty sweet, aren't they?

I think you may want to start with a much more fitted glove, maybe just spandex. I've lasercut a couple in the past when I couldn't find them in the material I wanted- just traced my hand, scanned it in, lasered parts, sewed it up and inverted it. Might have had to tweak the silhouette or offset a little? Some glove patterns for less flexible material have strips running down the sides of the fingers as well as the simpler front/back pieces which are basically a hand silhouette..

Just some thoughts.

BTW this new design IS pretty terrible. It's basically a futuristic golf glove, with Borderlands-style cel shading to boot. Something more interesting might have been something based upon the original design principles of the Halo series - the angled planes for higher ballistic resistance, the sheen of physical vapor deposition layers over bright crystalline paintjobs, and the dark rubberized gel underlayers that comprise the bulk of the MJOLNIR armor's actual toughness..


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Unfortunately i had to lay down work for a while - cut myself accidentally all along the left hand while working on better templates. Just a superficial wound, only tissue damaged, no big pain. - nonetheless a real bloody mess. Can`t do that much or it`ll open up again.:cry: All this years no problem - Well, first time for everything.
But as promised here the results of my 1st try for everybody.
I think you may want to start with a much more fitted glove, maybe just spandex. I've lasercut a couple in the past when I couldn't find them in the material I wanted- just traced my hand, scanned it in, lasered parts, sewed it up and inverted it
Yeah, i will use that next time - do you mean a normal or a 3d scanner? can i rent that somewhere? My local fablab hasn`t one and the only 3dprint-shop in town is a bit to expensive though....


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If anyone is interested in laser cutting - here`s the file i used. pm me if you need it in another format.

Ps.: The posted files are for the left hand (just mirror them)
Im not sure if that fits everbody, proportions may differ from yours so you may need to scale it!


  • mjolnir gen 2 gloves laser
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These are a huge help to me! Was trying desperately to find someone to commission for these but to no avail and I don't have the proper skillset myself to take it all upon myself. With these templates though I'm going to try a few modifications to the design and take a crack at them! Keep up the great work!