Making Master Chief Armor (Halo 4)


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So about a two months ago I finished my first build with EVA on a ODST suit which l'll leave a link to if anyone's interested in seeing my final result. Needless to say I started Master Chiefs armor. The helmet is actually 3D printed with credit going to CarterBuilder12 with the stl files on his thread which I'll also leave a link too. CarterBuilder12 did make a full suit printable but rather than print the whole thing I started making the rest of the suit out of EVA foam to keep the price, weight, and printing time down. Plus its much more fun creating something myself so I'll leave some pictures of my progress so far. I've only got a days of work done on the actual suit since I only started this morning but I'll be updating this thread frequently so if you've got any questions or tips for me to improve my build I'd be happy to hear them.

ODST Build: First EVA foam Build
CarterBuild12 3D models: Halo 4/5 master chief armor high poly 3d printeble for you!

unnamed (1).jpg


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Where can I get that 3d template
He's got an entire suit for people to print. I wouldn't recommend printing the whole suit because of mateiral cost/time and weight. Just make sure to rescale the sizing of the parts you do print to match your body


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Hey 405th it’s once again been months since I’ve posted anything but I actually completed this suit if armor today and thought I’d share it with y’all. Everything done was built with Eva foam besides the helmet which is 3D printed. I just looked at a picture and just made my own templates for the armor let me know how I did.


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Y-y-you free handed all the templates? That's amazing! I struggled to freehand the patterns for my marine, and it's a simple low-poly armour set

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