Making MJOLNIR armor out of Styrofoam?


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Ok, so im having a lot of trouble with pepakura bevause it takes a really long time and i want to make a master chief costume for Halloween which is like 3 wekks away. and i know pepakura willl take much longer. so i was wondering if it is possible to make a master chief suit out of styrofoam. i know where to get large amounts. would styrofoam be easier than pepakura? much help appreciated!
Bumping isnt going to help get replys.

Anyways, You can get styrofoam from walmart. Its cheap too so buy alot. However I think pepakura is not hard at all if you are patient, and yields better results if you simply dont want to buy clay and sculpt it. Styrofoam is just 'CHEAP' in my opinion.