Making my armor and i need some help.

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I am a new member and i was just wondering how to go about making the armor. I have tried pepakura and i dont like it or the looks of it. Is there any way to make the pieces without using pepakura? i need to know how to make everything but the helmet cause i am just buying the helmet. and how did Adam make his amazing armor? Thank You!
I dont want to do cardboard. Does molding look good? and is it expensive. and how do i do it? Just one last question :D Is there a company besides W e s t e r f i e l d that will make the molds or somthing?
Hey thanks for all the replies! Ummm...... how would i get some BlueRealm armor cause that stuff is amazing! I dont care if it is painted or battle worn or anything. Thanks in advance!
$850 to $1000 w/ paint and w/ dual visor + light

Without these think (so it's white :p) I think it's $250 to $350 But yeah, it's the greatest Helmet FOR THIS MOMENT :p
Only thing Blue Realm has sold was one (1) helmet on eBay. Thats it. To my knowledge hes going to finish his own personal suit before he sells anything else...
LOL. if you buy different piece of armor from other compagny or other guys, you need to be rich! I suggess to email NAs or talk to red, he's from NAS

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