Making ODST Helmet - Need Help


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I've measured my head from chin to crown, nose to back, and ear to ear, but I'm not exactly sure how to translate my measurements to PepaKura.
Like I can adjust the scale of the entire model, overhang included, but all I have to go off of is my own head measurements. This kinda seems like a trial and error thing. Is there a solid method for figuring out what I need to set my model scale to based off of my head measurements?
I don't do foam... but most folks tend to use Armorsmith to make an avatar that matches them (that's where your measurements come in).
Then import your models and size to match your avatar.
Then export the resized models.
And yes, Armorsmith handles PepaKura files.
I personally only do this with 3d print files, but the process _should_ be the same. I'm sure someone that does this with Pep files can jump in with more details.
Yes, Armorsmith is amazing, and works with pep files. totally worth the small cost. You can use it to unfold too if needed. Are you actually doing a pep helmet? Ive seen this style making a comeback.

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