mandatory numerical order?


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Hey there Guys n' Gals, Just finished pre-folding all my pieces and now I'm all ready to glue but before I go gluing left and right, I was wondering, Do you absolutely HAVE to start from #1 and go in order all the way to the end? or can you glue some together that you know fit and won't screw your project up? the way it's ordered wont trap you and render you unable to glue a piece will it? or does it go in a logical order that allows everything to fit into place?


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I personally start from the top of the helmet and work my way down. That way you dont have to reach far into the helmet if you need to glue a tab that was hard to reach. If you building from the top down, the edge you are working on is always the outer edge.


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Just put any 2 numbers that match together, you dont need to start at 1.

I personally say that you should start with the ring around the neck, to make sure it will fit on your head