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Hey I wanted to see what you guys think of my school's marching band. This is before the director (the guy walking in the beginning) got arrested. The song is Welcome to the Jungle lol

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Pretty cool!

We've got a pretty shnazzy band over here too. We've been all over the place, Mackinac Island, D.C, Rose Bowl, Macy's Thanksgiving, the list goes on.

I would love to show you guys some of out stuff, but it's all boring stuff with a crappy quality camcorder by someone else.


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Awesome! You guys look good. ;) May I ask however, do you guys technically consider yourself a Show band? It looked like it to me, but there were some military-like fundamentals that were seen throughout the vid. Especially at 6:39.

Other than that though, I loved the music. My old fart band directors wouldn't let us play music like that in a million years. :lol


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RadioaciveMicrobe said:
What other songs do you guys play? We've got some popular stuff, but not the popular.

We did:

Viva La Vida

Welcome to the Jungle

Don't Stop Believing

Separate Ways

Hump Da Bump

Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm)

Blue Collar Man

Do Ya Want My Love?

Roll Over Beethoven

You and Your Hand

Pretty Fly For A White Guy

Mortal Kombat



DOA (Foo Fighters)

There's alot more, but I dont remember lol.
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Sweet! I'm in marching band to for the Sioux Falls Lincoln High school band. The best in the midwest they say. We've been all over too. Rose bowl, Macy's Day was last year. (We led in the parade for the bands last year).


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I've been in Marching band for 11 years: 5 with High school (one while I was in Jr. High) and just got down with 4 years with the Purdue "All-American" Marching Band (( Had to say it that way)) I got to go everywhere in college for away game and bowl game and even went to Beijing China before the Olympics. I loved my time in marching band. It is very hard to explain to people who haven't been in a marching band before means to its members. You get so much out of marching band because for one it is a lot harder than it looks. You learn so much about team work and setting a high standard of excellence. The DCI World Championships were this weekend in Indy and it was awesome. Like they say marching band members are the "Athletes of Music"

TO all members still in High School band or music programs: DON"T STOP!! If you can continue in college. It is a the best place to make friends and be involved! You won't regret it!
If you love marching band you should go "pro"! The national (plus Canada) organization, has all ages in it, from teens to old geezers. This is where I perform. As they like to say on the website, its marching musics major league. This is the best of the best, but there is an age limit.

Both organizations require a lot of time but they are well worth it.

Some shameless advertising- :) my corp.

I play Bass 4 btw, I loves me some bass runs!


Sweet. I play in an Orchestra, and we do symphonic rock from time to time. I'm amazed you kept everything together, that's awesome stuff there.

Ridiculous amount of sousaphones btw.
I prefer contras! They are like Sousaphones that sit on your shoulder like a bazooka and have a CRAZY cool sound. They are used instead of Sousaphones in Drum Corps.

Actually other than the drum line, the horns are different than marching band.

There are no woodwinds, only brass instruments. We have baritones(mini-tubas), Sopranos(They look exactly like trumpets, but are slightly different sounding), Mellophones(sort of like a trumpet with a giant bell), and the contras.

Not my favorite corp, but they have impressive drill and other visual stuff. Its actually really hard to find good clear videos on youtube, a lot of corps don't post them so their competition cant use them.
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A little bit off topic, but if anyone has a toxicity by System of A down marching band arrangement, could you PM me? Also if you would happen to have the Halo theme or anything else that's a good Rock song


looks like you have a pretty huge group there. I just started marching a couple weeks ago and its really fun, but its really hard work, memorizing all the field positions and music.


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want to watch mine? it's from last season, our theme was broadway. (yes, our band is tiny). but we beat bands twice as large as ours.
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I was in the Broughton High School marching band. we did the 2008 Rose Bowl parade we were first out of the picked bands in the parade, but of course the marines were in front of us.

here we are at the rose bowl tourney

and heres us before the parade, we were a block away from the BAD ASS TURN where the tv crews were :D

heres the christmas parade where we played grand old flag and stars and stripes.....

at 0:41 you can see me. first row of trumpets closest to the camera.

oh yeah, same parade, we did it 2 TIMES.

im at 0:36 on this one, same place

rose bowl again im at 0:50 last row of trumps, closest to camera

nbc got us :p

my 2nd christmas parade

k thats enough :3
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