"Marculus" Jiralhanae Chieftain build (may become very pic heavy)


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Hey all fellow 405th members,as you can tell by the title I am in the process of building a Jiralhanae Chieftain and could use some help.I need a full set of armor pep files so if any of the EPIC modelers here on the 405th want to spare some of their time (of course you would receive build credit) to model some armor I would extremely appreciate it very much.

Short Bio:Marculus (Small Hammer-latin)was born small ,what he lacked in size he made up in ferocity and combat skills eventually earning his Chieftain rank.

Pics of the Mask WIP


Testing Jaw


New Teeth still needs work

Helmet Mock Up

Feet WIP


Well This what I got done so far but I am also working a Reach Custom for my Bro In-Law



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Wow, this looks awesome so far! Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

I saw a nice, but relatively crude Brute costume at the John Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally last October. I wished I had a Spartan suit at the time! Yours looks like it will be MUCH better

fat hi555

OH GOD, is that what i think it is? Its so epic! Love the way you actually make the mouth move-able. Oh, and thanks for using my chieftain helmet!


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Thanks everyone for the compliments, but I feel kind of bad for posting too early because for some reason most of my equipment started to break down and money is tight so it will be a few weeks before I do anything major.

Spitfire22V:I looked for weeks trying to find a Brute costume with no success I thought they didnt exist.Mine will be better for I am built like a Brute.

FrostyTheSnowMan:I look forward to your build maybe we can exchange Ideas.

fat-hi555:Thats where the file came from, thanks also have the chest piece.Maybe if you have time would you be able to model the rest?I have a paid Pepakura Designer so I can do the unfolds I'll PM you later.

Jester1014:Thanks the teeth are made from Sculpey Clay I wanted to use Dental acrylic but money is real tight but definitely will use on my next Brute build.



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i think it will just be easier to train a bear to wear the costume then at least it will look right then

I am trained bear,but anyways I'm a big beefy guy played football and have been a bouncer for 9 years I think I could pull it off.Plus also been doing extra weight training to get in better shape

freaking awesome i cant wait to see this done i see yor in socal where at. and will yo be at CC this year???????

thanks,little place called Bellflower just north of Long Beach.unfortunately I will not be going to Comic Con but definitely next year