Mark V Helmet

Okay, this is the Mark V helmet that I've made using Moz's Mark V armor peps. It was assembled with a low-temp hot glue gun, and is my second helmet to date. The first was made from copy paper and tape, as a size tester(in a couple of pictures, its next to the Mark V helmet.

Note: there are more pictures, but my dad's camera is set to a big resolution, resulting in 2.00 megabyte pictures, so i can only include two of them, for now.



the MKVI looks a little deformed.
try using or you can upload as many images as you want
well, for some reason, the computer im on wont let me log in to those places, and nothing i do seems to fix it. the MKVI is a bit deformed, because it was made with copy paper and clear desk tape. The Mark V was made from cardstock and hot glue. anybody have Mark V ref pics?


Dark Rogue

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Check the gallery for reference pics.

Copy paper isn't gonna hold any resin without collapsing. If that was the size tester you mentioned, then you don't really have anything to be worried about since you aren't going to be strengthening it at all.

kerotan 36

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i was half way done with my mark 5 when i thaught "this is kinda small really small" so i have to redo the whole helmet
I have done a small modification to the front, removing 2 pieces that were associated with the box thing that was inside the helmet. I cut off the flaps for those pieces, so that the helmet would look better without the visor, because im not sure how to do one for the Mark V.



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Wow the Mark 5 is low poly. I might have to make some high detail Mark 5 armor models when I finish the Halo 3 ones.
Looks good though, at least as good as one can get with an unmodified Halo 1 model. :D


the mark V was never really of interest to anybody i believe, because its chunky and squarish...specially on the back of the helm...
ugh...but good work on it, both of it.