Mark VI Scout (First build)

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So, I've started my first build a -little- earlier then I had planned. The weather was bad for resinning my magnum, so I decided to start the pepping on my first helmet! I'm afraid I may have scaled it just a tad to large, as it is freaking massive on me. Hopefully once it's done and padded it won't make me look like a bubble head figurine.

Anyway, after some troubles with my apparently 'high-tech' printer, I finally got all the pieces printed. Here's the pics of what I got done over the last two days:



As you can see, I just need to finish the visor and glue the three pieces (top, bottom and visor) together, which should all be done tomorrow. Dad and I have been working on a pagola-thing out the back, which is why my time hasn't been totally dedictaed to working on my armour. I'm hoping to have the hlmet relatively finished by the time school resumes tuesday week, but I may have to reprint it if it turns out being too large.

After that, the remainder will be done over the summer holidays. Updates here as I have them : )

One noob question however: with the pep visor, should I leave that out altogether, or cut it out once I've done the bondoing of the helmet?

Update One: Pepakura Information
Helmet: LD Scout Helmet by nz-tk H: - SCRATCHED (LD, warped)
Try 2: HD Scour Helmet H?
Codpiece: HD_Codpiece by crackhead09, unfolded by Ral Partha H: 354
Shoulder Scout Shoulder VROGY H:
Try 1: MKVI_Rerebrace by ROBOGENESIS H: 330 - SCRATCHED (LD, warped)
Try 2: MK VI HD Shoulder H: 340
Forearm: MD Forearm by FlyingSquirrel H:
Handguard: MKVI_HD_HandPlate by ROBOGENESIS D: 100
Try 1:CH09ThighSupports by Goku H: 330? -SCRATCHED (too small)
Try 2: Left HD Thigh by crackhead09 H: 524 -SCRATCHED (too large)
Try 3: Left HD Thigh by crackhead09 H:400
Shin: Modified_HD_MKVI_Shin by Nicktendo, Detail by Crackhead09, Unfolded by Ral Partha H: 380? - SCRATCHED (too small)
Try 2: HD_MK_VI Shins by Crackhead H: 400
Boot: Boot_3-piece by ROBOGENESIS D: 320 - SCRATCHED (3 pieces warp too much to fit well together)
Try 2: MK VI HD Boot Left D: 320
Chestpiece: HD Torso Scout - model by VROGY, Unfold by Sutekhian H:509 - SCRATCHED (Too large)
Try 2: HD Torso Scout- model by VROGY, Un fold by Sutekhian H:300
Torso: HD Chest_FlyingSquirrel H:420

Update Two: Finished Prodcut
Well, here's a reference pic I've been using (one of many) which is the basic layout of what I'm going to be doing:

There'll be some slight adjustments, but the colour scheme will be similar, as I'm going for an Australian Desert Camo kinda look - that is, tan sand as the main and ochre for the highlights.
Most of the time people leave in the pep visor so it adds support while doing resin and hardening. Then people will cut it out after they have hardened the helmet.

Just take your time and make sure the folds are smooth so they line up nice and dont cause those 'dents' in the helmet. Looking pretty good though for your first time.
Yeah, and what was worse was, after I got one slightly out, everything after it was more and more out of sync. Oh well, I'm hoping I can cover it up with my sanding :D
Aaaaand, update:
Front/Riight Side

Back/Left side

Me wearing it... I think it may be a tad too large, though dad seems to think it's fine...

I finished the pepping today! I ran into some problems with numbers not quite lining up, like yesterday, but I'm sure I'll manage.

I have a big white burn on my left pointer finger, which stings slightly when I'm typing xD
More updates once I get the resinning done, which probably won't be till monday as I'm sleeping over a friend's tonight - which means about an hours sleep in between watching films. Then, if weather permits, beach tomorrow!
I agree kinda big, but with enough pading along with the other armor it should look ok (its supposed to be big anyway)
I agree kinda big, but with enough pading along with the other armor it should look ok (its supposed to be big anyway)

Yeah, I've been hoping that along with the resst of the armour it won't look so oversized, but I won't know that for a while.
Did you scale your helmet first? If not you may want to keep that one as practice and make a new one that fits better. IN the end if you have a set of armor with an akwardly large top it'd subtract from the total set. It looks GREAT though. This is what 405th needs is more noobs like you and me who can pep decent on their first go. props swift!
Thanks man, appreciate the compliments!

Well, I started the resinning today and it worked pretty well, got the top done, onto the sides tomorrow.
Also started on my M6 Magnum and it's clip (See here: - no pics yet). I didn't get to finish because I had a mate come over so we could finish off (as in, start) our English Lit assignments due next week. Not looking forward to returning to school, I'd rather stay home and finish my suit xD

Pics once I've finished the resinning (hopefully tomorrow)

EDIT: Yeah, but I actually scaled it UP. I had dad measure the height of my head, and it was 25cm, so I added on 5cm to the helmet's height (like someone somewhere said I think...) but it was out a tad.
Looks great, just a question... have you dented out (I hope it's the right term) the top part, because it would be a shame if those dents would be in the final model
Looks great, just a question... have you dented out (I hope it's the right term) the top part, because it would be a shame if those dents would be in the final model

Unfortunately, that was my sloppy pepping skills. Once you get one number out line, it causes problems with others down the track. I hoping that after I bondo it I can cover it up, but I've definitely learnt a lesson about not rushing the pepping.
Well, I've finished the resinning and have started with the bondo. There was a noticeable bit of warpage on both the left and right sides, but unfortunately it bent in the opposite directions <_< Well, it shouldn't be too noticeable once I've cleaned it up a bit.

Here's a pic of the helmet fully resinned (though I have not covered the inside with fiberglass sheets). If you're wondering why it looks black, my printer screwed up on the first print of the helmet, and over half of them were printed off black. Wasted aa LOT of ink, but at least I was able to reuse the other side of the paper <_<

And a pic of the beginning of my first body filler coat. I'm going to need a lot more tins, because I already used half of it on the crown of the helmet alone <_<

Going to finish the body filler either tonight, or tomorrow. Updates once I start the crafting :)
Yay for double post!
Okay guyz, update time!

Here's a quick piuc I took a fw minutes ago:
As you can, I've applied body filler to almost all areas, and only need to do the areas adjacent to the neck and fill ina few imperfections. Other then that, I have a LOT ofsanding to do. Getting this smooth may take... a while. I'm gonna do some searching, but if anyone has any suggestions as to which Dremel accessories would be best for the job. I'm using standard tools which came with my pack,but I may need some different ones.

My updates on both my armour and magnum models are going to become a LOT less frequent from now on, as term 4 of school starts tomorrow, and I have exams coming up (which I'm TOTALLY going to be studying hard for...), but I'll update whenever I get the chance.
Because I'm oh so silly, I've bondo'd the entire helmet (except the inside, of course, and the visor) and... well... my bondo application is not exactly... perfect. I just slab it on by hand, but attempting to smooth it out ends with an INCREDIBLY uneven surface, and if I let it run and dry of it's own accord, it's still a bit lumpy, and not covering the areas I need.

Sanding is going to be... quite a task, to say the least. I'm using a combination of sandpaper sheets, a drill with a circular sheet of sandpaper, and my dremel, which has issues of it's own.

The sanding alone will probably take up all my free time, so updates will DEFINITELY be few and far between from now on.
haha i REALYY suck with bondo so i did the same thing with my emile helmet but i still havent sanded it with school and all so i might get to it tomorrow oh abd by the way i pepped the scout helmet, too.. hopefully bondoing it tomorrow!!!!
Thanks for the comments guys, truly appreciated :D
Well, did some sanding with my Dremel today, trying out different bits to see the difference they make. Anyway, after half an hour of sanding, I look down and... well... there was no part of me that WASN'T covered in dust. Needless to say I had to do some severe dusting and took a shower immediately xD

Not gonna work in a singlet next time xD
Looking good swift! You've got alot of sanding ahead of you!
Can I ask why you decided to cover the whole thing in bondo? Only because pep can give you detail and you would only need to bondo the areas that need smoothing.. If you get what I mean :]
Haha, thanks Nat xD
Well... I did a LOT of research before I started but it was inevitable to miss a few points... such as only bondo the areas that need smoothing... Now the whole thing does.

After today, my table is covered in about an inch of dust I sanded off, thank God for the sanding bit onn the drill, or I would be at this for months!

I got some tips from my drum teacher, who it turns out also does some pepakuring and is working on an ODST build (not sure if he's on here though) and I'm going to use something else on top of the bondo which is easier to craft. My spare time is dwindling, what with exams coming up, and all my... study (which totally is NOT a euphemism for video games)... is getting in the way.
Are you using a Dremel to sand?

Wellm because I covered the entire thing in Bondo, I'm using a drill with a special bit holding a circular sheet of sand paper to sand the whole thing down. I HAVE been using a dremel for the specific angles and curves I need.
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