Mass Effect Armor. I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite thread on the 405th.

I want to do something different than the regular N7 armor. I really like the Mass Effect 2: Kestrel Armour from the Aegis Pack DLC.

I will also be making this helmet. I think it goes better with the armor.

My armor will be 100% starch built. It will be made out of EVA foam

Omni Blade

Omni Blade will be made out of Orange Plexiglass

nerf vortex Mass Effect mod

Everything looks perfect so far man, I remember seeing your Iron Man armor on youtube years ago and I've been jealous of you skill since ha.


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Dude... the Kestrel is literally my favorite armor from the game (minus the helmet, i think it looks a little weird) but I would kill to pick up templates for that

This is looking SOoooooooooo good


My armor will be 100% starch built.
mmm edible armor, the future of costuming :D
but seriously armors looking great! i really need to get my self a home made mannequin to mount my armor onto as well :p


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Super cool! Totally blows my armor out of the water!;)

Just out of the blue, how would you go about attaching/holstering the weapon to your back? And would the Omni-Blade be "sheath-able"?


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I believe I made a comment on facebook saying "Gordon Freeman? " But now I can see that its Commander Shepard lol nice work so far man!


At it again Nick Nack!? Are you going to wear that to Anime LA, or WonderCon? I may be going to WonderCon after all...


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I can't believe this is the first time I've seen this thread. You're at it again. Awesome work so far. That is one sick looking helmet, haven't seen that version. I'm excited to see what you do with it.:D

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Dang that is BA especially the Omni Blade this is going to be goon... AGAIN!!! Just like all your builds :p


And there you go with foam again. And again, it's turning out awesome. Brilliant idea for the omni-tool, with the orange plexi and stuff. I'm definitely watching this thread.


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Holy (insert large bad word that shows the intensity of this statement) That is a really awesome Omni-Blade. Do want. Do want. Do want.
Sorry its been a while since Ive been on here, Im getting ready for the new baby. I wish the Omni Blade was mine. I know the person who made it tho. It was made with a laser cutter. I just hope my one look as good. But this is what I have been up to.


Here is something for the ladies.
This is only a prototype. The final product will look a lot different. For the large amount of woman who have trouble making the female breastplate, here is a alternative for those who try Evil FX's method.