Master Cheif Helmet

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Hi there, new to the forums, great site. :mrgreen:

I decided to try my luck at the Pepakura method, and ive got the basic Frame, still a few bits to finish and then to get a proper visor and proper material for the inside and then add some detail and paint to the outside ;-)

I thought i would share some pictures of its curent state.




Big thanks to Frizzlefly for his excellent tutorial

I'll keep you all updated on my progress

Thanks :mrgreen: [/img][/url]
i'm hopeing to get the rest of the main structure done today, after that i'm not quite sure where to go :hyper:

i was thinking of using thick cardboard to add in the etra detail and to reinforce to whole helmet before painting.

Any ideas?

Thanks :mrgreen:
yes, spray the inside with car undercoating, let dry

then spray the inside with spray foam, and allow to dry

carve out excess spray foam, and smooth out with fiberglass resin, or bondo, let cure and sand smooth.

Use a dremel with a small diamond needle point bit to carve out detail lines, once youve drawn them on with a pencil.

Then paint


Thats one way of doing it, and there are many!

Looks great by the way m8! Keep it coming youll have your costume done in no time!
1. big broblem is the chin vents you have to fold them in or the becme a scrambled mess (like yopurs no offence) just cut the and glu them in it looks much better
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