For Sale Master Chief (Halo3) forearms -limited run

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    I am making 3d printed Master Chief from Halo 3 for me and few parts will be for sale from this project.
    I have for sale forearms (raw cast) in universal size.
    They are made from Easy Flo 120 cast resin ( room temp 25C-29C left in the mold for an entire night) and each around 400g .
    I will sale only 10 sets for now and then check condition of the mold to keep quality of every cast.
    You need to cut out the waist of plastic - just use dremel to do it.
    I can sell pair for 60£ + shipping(to USA shipping by Royal Mail around 20£)
    If you do not have workshop to finish and paint them -I can do it for additional small payment(paint cost etc)
    I advice to sand it using 240 grid paper before spraying primer or just use primer filler.
    Because I can not add here payment for shipping this PAY BUTTON is only for item and for shipping you need pay depending of the destination address
    IMG_20171030_210039.jpg IMG_20171030_210101.jpg mniejszy.jpg mniejszy2.jpg mniejszy3.jpg

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