For Sale Master Chief Mark VI HD MJOLNIR Armor Costume Fibre Glass

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Will consider sensible offers. Papakura built Fiberglass Mark VI HD MJOLNIR Master Chief Costume.

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Helmet - The inside is lined with Motorcycle helmet pads, it sits very comfortably and i have work it for hours with out a break. I have used a motorcycle visor in the helmet so viability is fantastic and the FOV is quite wide, i found i didn't have to turn my head very much more than if i didn't have a helmet on to see around. Contains LED lights, and fans to remove CO2 to keep you breathing. Battery Packs in helmet take 8 x AA batteries so no risk of running out of power in the day.
Biceps - These attach to the under armour with some plastic clips.
Forarms - attached with a velcro strap around the elbow. Gloves - Are comfortable paintball style gloves easy to slip on and off. Chest - This is split it two, front and back, it sits comfortably over the shoulder and then the front is held securely with strong magnets. It is also rigged with two Bluetooth Speakers to add sound effects/music if you choose.
Codpiece - This clips on like a belt with a elastic strap that attached underneath to keep it snug
Thighs - These use two over the shoulder straps that cross over the back so that have no risk of falling or moving they sit very comfortably.
Shins - These are rigged with knee pads for skateboarding so they Velcro on nice and securely I have never had them move. Boots are built around a pair of super comfortable combat boots that sit above the ankle.
Under armour - Over the legs i have a pair of log goal keeper leggings as they have padding; as fibreglass is hard and if you try to sit it can be uncomfortable. For the torso i used a downhill mounting bike chest and arm armour, modified to hold the biceps. Size - Obviously there is no official sizing this was made for my build at the time.
I am 6ft 1 inch tall and i was 100kg. Weight - I think i have estimated the total weight is around 25-30kg fibreglass is heavy and i have made this to be strong. When you are in it i found i hardly noticed the weight unless i tried to run.
Battle Rifle - This has a flashlight in the front with a switch next to the trigger. It uses three AAA batteries to power and I have never had it run out during the day



hola_chrome_ext_1.8.327 (1).jpg