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Ok this one is modded by madmodder well the face looks small becuase its from one of the other troops if your wondering and master chief is like ft tall :eek: so it looks weird anyways here.



Why, why, why would you go to such lengths for this?

Heres the deal, it's catch 22. If you never get to see the MC's face, you'll always wonder...'what did he look like, man I want to see that sooo bad!"

But then, when you see it, you look at it and say 'that sucks, it's nothing like I imagined" Theres NO face that could live up to the Master Chief.

Everyone has their own idea of what he looks like under that helmet, and each person's idea is a little different. If they were to EVER show the MC's face, it'd dissapoint the majority of the fanbase.

Why do you ask for things which you could not comprehend?

Of course it would be the bomb if it ever dropped, but it'd destroy all the mystery and fascination with the character. For all those of you that are begging to see the MC's face revealed in H3... thanks. They probably won't show his face until they kill him off.

Why de-mysticize your hero... why do you need to see his face? His face is the helmet, and thats all you need to know!

Deal with it!
Come on guys, we all know he is a Ginger XD
Gingers dont have souls hence master chief "respawning" and being unstoppable. haha no im jp
LoL I was thinking about that. The whole Kakashi thing where he removes his mask thing and then their another undernieth. To be honest with you I'd rather not see how he looks without the helmet.
but it sounds so much better as a theory, or what if its really Sarge under the helmet and this is all some big conspiracy o_O :Steve:
Apparently, no one read the part where John takes off his armor. Eric Nylund states that he is extremely pale.
Apparently, no one read the part where John takes off his armor. Eric Nylund states that he is extremely pale.

agree agree and in those screen shots hes too tan we have to remember he always wears his helmet so he has no tan.

i read that part it was also the part were he killed the odst guys in hand to hand combat
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