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spartan 1

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heres a master chief pixel im working on, currently unfinished, but im going to have him in the "half-crouch" (dunno what else to call it) pose, with the dual smgs.[/img]

i knew what i was drawing, i have the pic and whatever, just couldnt remember what it was called.

or are you saying its so bad its unrecognizable?
im just saying red is good at recognizing pictures.

this the one where the chief is crouching and a tank is driving past him right
the official name is "desert brigade"

(full size here and even bigger sizes on bungie's site)

good luck caboose. are you overlaying the actual wallpaper or just freestyling it?
sliver, wrong. its all freestyle. im using ms paint, so i dont have much to work with. im using a pic outta an old egm as a refrence.

back on topic, im gunna try and finish shading the leg, and maybe work on the next leg for a bit. ill post any real progress i make asap
spartan -1 @ Caboose said:
yup, its that one.
i expect to hev it done the weekend after halo 2 comes out

So, you should have finished it 2 and a half years ago? ;-)

Looks great so far! I love when people make awesome stuff in MS paint. The best I could make on that is a 2D car...

I might try to make something in Photoshop later, though.
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