Master Chief versus....

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What do you think the most bad ass fights would be?

MC v. The Terminator

MC v. Predator

Add who you would think would be a challenge for the chief!
Master Chief vs. Chuck Norris. Wait... that wouldn't work. Master Chief IS Chuck Norris. XD
Oh, and

1) Master Chief v. Darth Vader

2) Master Chief v. Pac Man (random of the day)

3) Master Chief v. Luigi

4) Master Chief v. Tomb Raider
MC vs Predator

jeez idk who would win
the chief cant cover himself up in mud and hide his body heat like arnold did
but then again does MC's armor let body heat through ??
Master Chief vs. Samus, gotta love the haloid angle.

Master Chief vs. a new Cylon Centurion.

Master Chief vs. a Zaku II (don't think he could beat a Gundam)

Master Chief vs. Mr. Rogers (Ultimate Showdown FTW)
MC versus the Arbiter.

(course, we know the Arbiter would win hands down, but the chief's pretty scrappy)
Freeman would get owned. ;)

I got it.

MC vs the Amish!
I don't know who would win!
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