Master Replicas Confusion.

Sean Bradley

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Master Replicas has released some new pics of their Halo line of collectables on their website, including some puzzling details about the BR55 Battle Rifle. Could MR be planning to make a life sized BR, or are they simply suggesting that the scaled replicas will be compatable with the 18" Master Chief?

Of course, the Master Chief will need a weapon to obstruct the enemy. The BR55 Battle Rifle will aid in the Master Chief’s campaign to stop the Covenant. With its high accuracy and range, the Master Chief will be able to hit targets from medium to semi-long ranges!

Also MR put up a pic of their version of the Energy Sword (in a very familiar looking photo ;) ). Compared to Jasman's energy sword, this one looks to be far more accurate.

Master Replicas Energy Sword:

Jasman's 'Laser Pursuit' Energy Sword:


Uh-oh... too many swords for me!
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To me it sounds like the battle rifle comes with the 18 inch figure, but I could be wrong
Nice Pic of the MR Energy sword but no info on it that I could find on the MR site

Spartan 648


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Assassin716 said:
some how i see in the near future, kids to adults at the cons all having the sword, just like the old lightsaber fx fad.
I think It'll be a sad day when those come on the market. It'll make us home-built weapon wielders look like cheapos.

There is a heart to building our costumes and props.
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im still going to laugh my but off when we try to compare some of adams or links weapons with a mass produced item.

it just wont be the same, ten bucks says if they do make mass produced MA5Cs they will be totally plastic and painted a funnier color due to gun safety laws.

still i am pretty impressed with jasman toys...except for the sword

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One can only hope these do not interfere with our homemade props. Of course the one's we make are better, cause a machine is not putting them together for us! :D


Fan made props will always be better than most of the factory made toys/props on the market
I never bought a MR special EFX light saber, and I doubt that I will buy their energy sword.

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that sword looks too much like there small version of the game model just like there weapons, or i could be wrong


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I'm more interested in the Master Chief helmets. I didn't see any hard details or specs listed for them, but I get the feeling because of the Clone Trooper helmets they did, that they might just be life size.

Which would be interesting because a lot of guys use the Master Replicas Clonetrooper helmets with their costumes and the MR helmets look very sharp and have incredible detail, and like the Chief, the Clonetroopers were all computer generated, so they'll probably have access to the real high definition files for the Master Chief's armor.



If you can imagine the leg extended out, the sword stretches a
little more than his own. That's 41 inches for me. On a spartian. . .
maybe 45''.
But our products:

Will beat their products every time:

Our replicas will always be better no matter what.
Like it's beensaid,
they're not made by a machine, they're made by US. We put
only the detail that could be devoted by a true fan into our designs
because we want to make ours last and out shine everyone else's.
Yea, I'll have one BR when I'm done, but it kicks the crap out of yours from Taiwan!
We do just as good as work as the 501st and we surpass Master Replicas!
Our helmets work, not theirs.
Can I get an Ahmen?
Amen Brother!!!!! We will always be the True Weapons and Armor Makers of Halo! A toy company can't knock us off our throne, a costume company can't knock us off our throne, WE WILL ALWAYS BE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!