Masterchief H4 Gen2 Markvi - Build Thread

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So I am going to work on actually capturing my progress on here for this build.

Currently I have done:

Chest piece - front
Chest piece - back (although I think I’m going to update some pieces)
One boot
Currently working on other boot

I completed a test piece for fiberglass. Which is good because I saturated the **** out of one piece and it lost its structure and got all wonky. Less is more for the glass ya all

Electronics schematic (high level)


I’ll get more into the electronics once some of the components arrive. These are just hiiiiigh level overviews to help me identify pieces to purchase. And I’m probably missing things even at a high level lol.

Let’s talk about some things the I LOVE
WORKSPACE: I don’t like to pep in one single spot. This is a puzzle tabletop thing. Normies build puzzles on it, I use it for pep. It also has little drawers on the sides to hold my stuff, which is dope. Plus I can pick up the board and move my workspace from room to room. Definitely convenient


By far my favorite part
Spring loaded snippers - super useful on the hand in small spaces
Circuit vinyl weeder - this thing looks like a dental tool. It pretty much is, and I use it to score the paper to fold it.
Thin nose glue gun - get into the tiny cracks wayyyyy easier.

If you have any suggestions for tools - let me know!


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Oooh it's so amazing to look at. So nostalgic as I remember how it was to cut and glue the paper together only to coat it with resin later on.
I still cherish that process and those memories.

As for fiberglass (the photo you shown earlier on you said was fiberglassed) dunno how is your process of hardening parts but coat the paper lightly with resin first so it keeps the shape. Do it 1-3 times until you feel it's harder and more stable to reinforce it with fiberglass from the inside. That's my recommendation at least.

Also. I'm so looking forward to your build. I love this armor so much!
I hated the back of the chest armor piece. So I redid them with more detail, added some popsicle sticks to keep certain pieces from crippling or bending, and left the back open to be able to fiberglass inside. I’m going to leave these hollow to house some of the electronics and battery packs.

Those shins look great! So many details in them. Wow.

And definitely good decision on redoing those thrusters on the back again with more stability. They look much better.
We have a thigh piece!

One down, one to go.

This one is weird, because there is a part on the inner thigh that juts out, and I am certain the inner thighs of both pieces are going to hit each other. I’m going to build the other one as the template is, and we will have to edit the built pep models so I can walk
That thigh piece looks great.
But yeah it has that one weird piece standing out on the inner thigh. Tbh it depends - I actually don't think you'll be hitting it when walking unless you'd be walking with your legs very closely to each other as that inner thigh piece is positioned very low on the actual thigh.
So I definitely hated the BULK on the inside of the thighs. It was super unnecessary and honestly added so much additional roundness to the armor that is not prevalent in the stills of chief.

So I butchered them. Lol.

I build both thigh pieces like the model and then I removed about 6 inches of paper on the inner thigh and grafted the two pieces together. The result is drastically more realistic to armor that would be fitted to a person. Idk if this was my own scaling error and I made the pieces too large or if the model was just made to be bulky. But I really like the sleekness change removing that extra weight on the inner thigh and the part that jutted out. 28E10F4D-002C-4E65-93AC-4EB1E2464466.jpeg 692E0692-DDB6-41E6-8B9D-B2A8EBF0375F.jpeg

So far we have quite a bit of pieces completed. Still to do is the vambraces, hands and helmet. Also the space diaper is really low key on this mark vi so I’m not sure if I need to make it. I’ll come back to that after the other pieces.



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Great work! I agree with the inner thigh, I don't understand why that piece was in the thigh design. Definitely better without
Also the space diaper is really low key on this mark vi so I’m not sure if I need to make it. I’ll come back to that after the other pieces.

The best part about Chief's Mk6 MOD/gen2 is that it has no space diaper haha. Other than that armor piece on his abdomen the crotch is protected by the enhanced gen2 techsuit instead.

And about the new thighs - they look very nice and definitely better to walk around in. I'd recommend gluing a piece of paper there on top on the brim as when you'll be hardening it the paper might shift and lose shape when it becomes wet with resin.
Going to attempt to make the under suit on my own.

Found great fabric today. Planning to use 1” upholstery foam to create the armored abdominal look as well.

fabric is from Joanns fabric - yayahan collection. Super stretchy and great thickness.
Can't wait to see it!! I wish I could work with a sewing machine, I have tried many times. For my son is just going to wear a black body suit under his armor. All his armor and mine is 3d printed.
Got one of the vambraces done and boy oh boy this took stupid forever. I should had imported the pdo file into blender and flattened some of the edges. By the time I realized how much I hated this. I was committed. Now I have to make another one. RIP.

Started fiberglassing some pieces last night.

Fiberglass resin only gives about 8 mins of work time, so I tend to mix in .5 or 1 fluid oz batches. And every batch takes the life of 1 cup and 1 paintbrush, so stock up. Amazon has some great bundles of 24 chip brushes for 12$.


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I also had to rework the chest piece because boobs. The piece either wanted to awkwardly sit on top of them, which made the chest piece SUPER high OR try to shove the boobs inside the chest piece and it jutted out way to far and left the entire neck open.

But with a lot of sketchy cutting and gluing random pieces of card stock to the chest piece we have a workable solution .

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