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spartan R85

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hi everyone. My first time posting and registering for this website and I would first like to say that everyones helmets and armor looks great. I am going to a anime convention this friday and I was orginally planning to be as masterchief in full body armor but i didnt have the time or money to do so. so I tweaked it and instead of masterchief full body suit I decided to use this oppturnity to make it a light hearted masterchief. As many of you know halo 3 isnt due out till sep. 25. so that leaves the question. what is masterchief doing untill sep. 25? well he is on vacation. he will be sporting his helmet, hawalin shirt, red vs blue shirt (the "its a legimite stragety" shirt) army shorts, army sandels, his armor gloves, and his trusty sniper rifle.

I will pics up as soon as possible along with a movie i plan to make with this anime convention coming up. I am still trying to get the helmet done. only 4 days left for me >.<''''

hope i can make it in time.
Thats very funny. An excellent alternative to trying to rush the rest of the suit.

Can't wait to see your pics, this sounds hilarious.
Funny, I dressed as Bedtime Spider-man at my first anime convention. I wore a symbiote mask, red spidey print robe, bunny slippers and carried a stuffed Spidey doll. Mine wasn't a big hit but hopefully you'll get a better response with your MC. Good luck.
hey here you guys. heres a pic of how far i got on my helmet. only have 3 days left.

ok jst got back from the con and it was awsome! ok heres how it went with my helmet. I was unable to get the visor i wanted in time for the con so i had to replace it with some see through colored paper of 2 layers, and do a last min job on the side boxes on the helmet where the LED lights would of been. I needed a gun so I went to toysrus and bought a gun that closly resembled to halo in some sort of way and I boughht it the day the con started so i didnt have time to spray paint it or modify it. so heres are a few pics of me as MC on vacation. enjoy ^^




theres another one in here but i posted it later. if u are wondering why i have a #8 white pawn it was for Cosplay chess where its a chess game only with people in costume from verious animes or video games. [/img]
Yes, it does look rushed however, but that's my opinion. I know you said you only had what, two days? Amazingly fast work, at least as far as the helmet goes, and I agree with Sean. It is a very nice concept and you should continue work on it when you have the time.

Oh, and did you build around an MX helmet? I noticed in the production stage it looks like the formed edges of an MX helmet and the ventilation in the back.
I hate people who wear socks with sandles...JK
anyway, I think the whole costume is funny. No offense, but the rushed looking helmet adds to that.
yes I did use a MX helmet. I found the last one at walmart for 40$. yea I am going to plan to improve on this helmet to wear again later on for another con(possibly doing a red vs blue skit? ^^) and experment with the other parts of the armor with other materals.

Also I am going to see If i can make a small vid of my adventures to sac anime. Althogh i need to find some more pictures of me XD.
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